What was Fox News Host Shepard Smith thinking when he pulled out a compact mirror on live TV and started applying make-up?!

One of the guests looked on in shock when Smith was on air looking into a mirror and dabbing what looked like powder on his forehead.

Arthur Aidala was in the middle of a discussion about online privacy when the camera cut to a wide shot of the three men and Shepard Smith who was preoccupied with applying make-up.

Smith is probably the least favorite host on Fox News because he slams President Trump in snarky comments. He editorializes constantly with liberal talking points when he should just be delivering the news. It’s arrogant and disrespectful to the people tuning in. This is not the “Shepard Smith Show” but is Fox News where he’s a news reader so read the news!

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Shepard Smith would be the first person we’d choose to go if we could fire someone at Fox News…Juan Williams is a close second.

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