After channeling her inner Brezhnev last week and urging people to call police on their neighbors who host Thanksgiving gatherings, Oregon Governor Kate Brown is channeling her inner Joseph Goebbels this week, and is in an all-out propaganda push to strike fear into the people about the Covid hysteria.

She’s now posting creepy happy videos calling on people to “uninvite” their friends and relatives to Thanksgiving dinner.


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The ad campaign is part of series put on by the Oregon Public Health Division, which shared another, similarly themed video on their YouTube channel:

This continues the same them from earlier in the year, when the state launched their “Don’t accidentally kill someone” video.

These are evidently produced for free by world-renown advertising and PR firm Wieden+Kennedy, which, coincidentally, has laid off 11% of its workforce because of the economic downturn from the covid hysteria that they themselves are promoting.

On Thursday morning, she tweeted: “For some Oregonians, Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate. For Oregon’s Indigenous and Tribal members, it can be another reminder of our nation’s history of colonialism and racism. This year, I’m giving thanks that so many Oregonians are doing the work to keep each other safe.”

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