During a break in the impeachment inquiry sham, this afternoon, Fox News host Bret Baier explained how the Democrats have failed to convince a single member of the Republican Party that they have any evidence worthy of impeaching President Trump.

Baier used the example of Watergate, as an impeachment the “never actually got there,” saying, “7 out of the 17 Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee” 45 years ago, “voted to advance articles of impeachment. Baier reminded his viewers, “That has not happened today.”  Baier explained, “You do not have any break in the Republicans, they are not breaking,” adding, “so, unless we see something different than we have seen over the last three weeks in terms of the presentation—and we’re not likely to get anything new, because they’re rehashing what they have done—you’re not going to get 7 Republicans out of the 17 on this House Judiciary Committee voting for that.”

A bumbling Chris Wallace desperately attempted to interrupt Bret Baier before he moved on to his scheduled guests, stammering, “Uh…uh…uh…if..if…the…the only point…if I could, if I could, if I could…”

Baier tried to stop Wallace from interrupting, “Chris…”

Wallace persisted, determined to discredit Baier’s assessment of the disastrous partisan impeachment scheme by Democrat lawmakers. The anti-Trump Fox News host continued, using Bill Clinton’s impeachment hearings as an example of partisanship. Wallace demanded that if Baier was going to judge the partisan nature of the Trump impeachment inquiry, that he had to judge them fairly because Democrats didn’t want Bill Clinton, (who was actually found guilty of a crime when he was caught lying to a grand jury) to be impeached.

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Bill Hemmer, who was up next on the segment, completely ignored the interruption by the unhinged anti-Trump, Fox News host, Chris Wallace, as he moved on to independent investigative journalist John Soloman, who said he’s like to “push back” on Chris Wallace. Soloman explained that precisely because there was no bipartisan support in Congress, it was a mistake to take the Clinton impeachment vote to the Senate.


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