She let it rip during the Ferguson riots, and she’s back to let the black community have it for putting all of the blame on white America for racism. Peggy Hubbard is an amazing conservative who always manages to hit the nail on the head with her hard-hitting commentary.

Here’s a partial transcript of her rant about the black community blaming whites for racism:

“If you believe in what you’re doing, why hide your face? The KKK came out swinging. They had a permit. They had a right to be there. I am not condoning what the KKK did. I do not condone what they stand for, not at all. But they had the right to be there like everyone else. Antifa and Black Lives Matter showed up with weapons, wanting a fight.  We as black people, we have got to get off the plantation. We have got to stop believing the lies. We as black people, are just as complicit on slavery as the white people. Not alL white people own slaves. Not all black people were slaves. We are refusing to acknowledge that we as black people had a hand in slavery. 3,076 slaves were sold by black people during the civil war…period.”

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