President Trump wanted an open meeting with cameras present during his discussion with Senate MINORITY leader Chuck Schumer and House MINORITY leader Nancy Pelosi. It appears as though the Democrats weren’t as comfortable with open meetings to discuss the security of our nation, as they’ve made it clear for quite some time now, that future Democrat voters takes precedence over the priority of our nation’s security.

President Trump started by discussing how he is committed to completing the border wall with Mexico, citing illegal traffic drops where portions of the wall have already been constructed.

“So the wall will be built,” Trump told the cameras.

Trump asked Nancy if she had something to say? Nancy attempted to pin a government shut down squarely on President Trump, as she was the first to mouth the new Democrat Party and mainstream media’s coordinated term, saying “We should nto have a Trump shutdown”. After she droned on about how the government shouldn’t be shut down because Trump has the votes in the House, Trump quickly reminded her of how the Senate needs to also pass the bill, and that he needs at least 10 Democrat Senators to pass the bill.

Nancy insisted that they shouldn’t be discussing the border wall and the government shut down in front of the cameras. President Trump then reminded Nancy that we continue to catch terrorists crossing the wall, and how its a matter of our nation’s security.

Fireworks ensued…as Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer cited the #1 anti-Trump publication, Washington Post for giving Trump several Pinocchios for misrepresenting how much of the wall was built. Trump quickly mocked Schumer for using the Washington Post as a source who was criticizing him. Schumer promptly added that his comment didn’t matter.

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Watch some of the highlights here:

President Trump told Democrat Senator Schumer: “I am proud to shut down the government for border security, chuck. People in this country don’t want criminals and people that have lots of problems and drugs pouring into our country”

Nancy Pelosi tried to convince viewers of the meeting that American people are losing their jobs, Trump interrupted, “Well, we have the lowest unemployment we’ve had in 50 years.” Nancy then switched gears and attempted to cite the losses for Republicans in the midterms, and Trump reminded her that Republicans gained seats in the Senate. Nasty Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer mocked Trump for winning states Democrats snub their noses at, saying, “When the Preisdnet brags that he won North Dakota and Indiana, he’s in real trouble.”

For the record, most of the state of New York that Senator Chuck Schumer represents voted for President Trump. The highly populated city of New York, as always, overshadowed the will of most of the state of New York:

Watch the entire video here:

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