Nancy Pelosi decided to tout her work on global warming while mocking the coal industry…Behind that giggle is a determined woman who wants that gavel in her hand again. Scary thought, huh? Please vote in November!

One comment under the video says it all:

Coal 4 America wrote:  With all due respect Nancy pelosi can kiss this WV mountaineer’s ass. She needs to take care of the fecal and needle pollution in SF and get her own backyard in order. She could care less about anything except her pocketbook and her elitist friends. I doubt seriously she’s ever done a full days work. Her fake insincerity is almost as fake as her complexion.

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She was discussing energy policy at the Public Policy Institute of California the she spoke in broken sentences and changed topics constantly. This is a pattern where she speaks under her breath and then giggles uncontrollably…


Nancy Pelosi just claimed that a vote for the Democratic Party in the coming midterm elections would provide “leverage” to illegal immigrants in the immigration debate….Unreal! Pelosi’s doing what Democrats do best these days…put Americans last!

The presser held in El Paso, Texas, with immigrant-rights advocates and a candidate for congress.

Pelosi discussed Trump’s zero tolerance program and said she “didn’t want to be political” but then got political right away with this comment:

“We believe that we will have leverage when we win in November. And why is that important? Because it gives leverage to every family, to every mom who courageously brought her child across the desert to escape, to escape death, rape, gang violence, and the rest.”

Democrats have made immigration a focal point with a huge push for open borders and amnesty for the millions of illegals already in the U.S.

We think this is a loser for Democrats…BUILD THE WALL!


Whoa! Nancy Pelosi   played the race card against President Trump during a speech to U.S. mayors…You won’t believe what she said!

Addressing the United States Conference of Mayors, Nancy Pelosi promoted illegal immigration, sanctuary cities and so-called “Dreamers.” Attendees applauded Pelosi when said said she wanted to protect “our Dreamers.”

After spewing what seemed like a stream of consciousness about the budget debate, she said, “While I’m on the subject of Dreamers … (Trump’s) plan is a campaign to make America white again.”

The crowd was silent…

American Mirror reports:

There was no applause. Only silence.

Pelosi said immigration will be cut, “many people” will be deported.

She said by allowing illegals to stay, they are “honoring the vows of our founders.”

“With these values, these newcomers make America more American,” Pelosi said.

She asserted Trump’s immigration plan is “changing the character of our country.

“They bring a tear to the eye of the Statue of Liberty and they bring fear to the hearts of people who are here playing by the rules,” she said.

Pelosi said it’s a “fight about who we are.”

“My goodness, it any country in the world got up and said ‘We’re going to send 800,000 young people who came with their parents back to where they came from,’ we’d say that country is outside the circle of civilized human behavior,” Pelosi said.

The House Minority Leader went on to call Trump’s idea to trade funding for the border wall for DACA a “ransom.”

Pelosi defended sanctuary cities, claiming they “help law enforcement.”

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