Nancy Pelosi must think Americans are a bunch of dimwits because she just said that the border wall is a ‘luxury our country can’t afford’ (video below).

Does she have a clue about how many billions it costs for us to have open borders?

What about the drugs and crime coming across our border? Does she not care about that?

James O’Keefe just went down to the border to check out what’s there and it’s a total disgrace!

There is a border fence and then pretty much nothing but a few rows of barbed wire. It’s like a leaking dike that has holes everywhere.

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Is this what Pelosi wants? It’s a joke that our lawmakers haven’t protected the citizens of America from all of the drugs and crime that have come through over the years.

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You won’t believe what Nancy Pelosi just said in a press conference:

“It’s unfortunate because there’s an opportunity cost here of this money…he keeps increasing the amount of money, the amount of beds, increasing the obstacles to finding a solution…Because I don’t think he really wants a solution.”

“I think he loves the distraction that this is from his other problems and that’s most unfortunate.”

Pelosi went on to discuss the wall:

“It’s a luxury our country can’t afford under any circumstance. This is certainly a luxury we can’t afford when he has shut down government, takes pride in it and says months or years.That is not the action of a responsible president.”

This is loony tunes! What is she talking about?

Who isn’t being responsible? We think it’s the Democrats!

We can’t afford NOT to secure the border!

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