The rhetoric from Pelosi is huge here. She is suddenly respecting everyone and calling for bipartisanship. She raises questions about voter fraud…Hummm, does that mean she’s doubting the “blue wave” will happen?

“Because we have concerns about it, does not mean people should not go out there and vote. Do not let their scare tactics frighten you away from the polls. It’s a technique, but it’s not something our founders approve of.”

She’s claiming Republicans are using scare tactics? Did she not see the Black Panthers in Georgia standing with guns (see below)? The reporters didn’t push back on this statement. Typical…

She goes on to claim she’s for “integrity in government” and is against “dark special interest money”. She goes on to mention passing gun regulations and environmental regulations…Are you hearing this America???

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She talks about the popular vote and electoral college saying she knew Hillary Clinton would win…Did she just insinuate that Hillary DID WIN…according to her?

This woman has announced that she’s going to be the Speaker of the House again:

Nancy Pelosi Isn’t Going Anywhere: ‘I’m Really Good At What I Do’

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That’s reason enough to VOTE RED!


The New Black Panthers group can be seen heavily armed and walking down the street in a video they published on their New Black Panthers Party Atlanta Chapter Facebook page. The title of the video is “Armed Rally Against Voter Suppression”

The heavily armed Black Panthers can be seen walking down a sidewalk calling into cars, letting people inside the vehicles know if they’ve seen them voting yet or not? “Everybody wanna to know one thing—why we marching with a gun? They go along with the vote. We got a constitutional right to bear arms. We got a constitutional right to vote. We want all our constitutional rights to be defended.

As they pass a table where a group of elderly black men appear to be selling merchandise, one of the men can be heard saying “We need these guns to protect us, so the white man won’t shoot us in the back.” As the armed group walks, away from the elderly black men, you can hear one of them laughing, and mocking the elderly men who appeared to be frightened by their presence, saying, “Scared to death.”

The armed Black Panthers, who claim to be rallying against voter suppression, seem to be doing just the opposite, as they appear to be using their militant presence to threaten local residents into voting.

Watch, as they walk by cars chanting “Black power” and “how you doin’ negro? …We know you already voted” and “we have to bring black power back into politics”.

Hey, dummies…here’s what Stacy Abrams has to say about gun confiscation in the state of Georgia: 


The comments on the New Black Panther Party Atlanta Chapter Facebook page remind these bunch of gun-carrying clowns that Stacy Abrams wants to take their guns away.

Here are just a few of the comments:


You do realize Stacey Abrams wants those rifles banned right?


A vote for Abrams will bring more of this crap.

If that gal wins governor of Georgia I feel sorry for the entire state

What’s wrong with American ???????? power, it called #Walkaway, #Blexitcheck out the real deal! It’s ok to leave the plantation!

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