Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi looked like she was doing a field sobriety test but was participating in a really odd ‘hug ceremony’ at the US/Mexico border.

Maybe she thought she was on an episode of COPS where she has to walk the yellow line.

It looks like she would have failed if this was a real sobriety test.

She awkwardly teeters and almost tiptoes up to a Mexican dignitary. They hug and exchange flags.

Watch how Pelosi mumbles something to try to get the man to come over to the American side. He doesn’t.

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What did we just watch?


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Wouldn’t it be nice if she would treat the Angel moms like she does the Mexicans at the border? This was obviously a PR event to show just how great things are between Mexico and the US. The problem is that Mexico is allowing people from all over the globe to pass through their country and come to the US.

Any tax paying American should be livid at this. This woman is third in line for the presidency, and she’s acting like a child.

Pelosi also held a press conference while she was in Laredo to claim there will not be a wall:

This is off the rails too… She claimed President’s Day was to honor Martha Washington’s birthday.

Please listen to what immigration expert Steve Camarota has to say about the illegals who will sneak into our country this year because we have a wide open border:

Predictions for FY 2019 are that 200k illegals will enter at unchecked locations and 300k will be visa overstays:

Steven Camarota and the Center for Immigration Studies 

These are the border apprehensions for the first four months of FY 2019: Over 241K

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