What happens when you’re a phony activist who’s nothing more than a misbehaved Democrat who gets arrested for acting like a toddler in public? It’s called you lose credibility. What happens when you’re caught on video telling people that it doesn’t matter who the candidate is or what they stand for, but to vote for them if they’re a Democrat? That means you lose credibility and anything you do with politics is tainted, biased, and for your party instead of for your country.

Here we have the wonderful Woman’s March mouthpiece who acts like she’s an activist for women, but she won’t step foot in a country where they would execute her for acting like an uncontrollable child having a mental break down. They wouldn’t tolerate her nonsense somewhere else, but we’re a little bit more forgiving in America. We won’t execute her in person, but we’ll point out her ridiculousness on social media, point our fingers, laugh a little bit, and call it a day.

If a Democrat ever asks you why you no longer take their party seriously, then just show them videos like this, thanks to Kyle Morris who saved it after it was previously deleted elsewhere for getting too much negative attention. Negative attention for a virtue signaling phony activist like Linda Sarsour? You don’t say!! Yes, I do say!

Of course, a Democrat is supporting the most irresponsible way to vote.  What other party is constantly caught up in voter fraud, illegal immigrants voting, and trying to allow people in prison to cast a vote? Of course, that’s a Democrat trying to persuade everyone to vote for every Democratic candidate even if they literally hate the person.

Linda Sarsour is just one of the many reasons why people have lost all respect of the Democratic Party in general. She’s full of hot air and blwoing out irresponsible suggestions like it’s her job. Wait, I think that actually is her job. I’m not really sure. Does she have a job or does she run around yapping for women’s equal rights that they already have? I can’t tell anymore what she does other than act like a child and get arrested while she dares not to support any Muslim women in other countries where they would end her ability to speak in a heartbeat.

The responsible way to vote is to pick the person who has your best interests, regardless of party affiliation.

That’s what Americans did when we voted for Donald Trump so he could defeat Hillary Clinton.

I voted for Trump because I found most of the Hillary supporters were very whiny, intolerant, and uncivilized in their behaviors. I found the Trump supporters to be more American/patriotic, warm welcoming, and more tolerant of people with different views.

Trump supporters are some of the best people on the planet right now and if you disagree, then you might be a liberal.

I’m not talking about the far right, because the far right is no better than the far left and they both cry about everything. There is nothing good to come out of being an extremist.

I’m talking about people who have common sense. People who love their country. People who just want the laws and constitution followed. People who work hard and are tired of their taxes being stolen and used to pay for people who won’t get their lazy butts off welfare. People who get robbed of taxes to pay for an illegal immigrant milking the system.

I support Trump and the people of our country who embrace common sense, not people like Linda Sarsour who is a horrible role model for young women.

Who do you support?


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