In the clip below, Nancy Pelosi likens the seriousness of the coronavirus to climate change.

She does her best to attach the two with a dramatic pause but fails at coming off as sincere.

She needs to be in San Francisco playing bridge with the ladies who lunch. She comes off as a big phony who couldn’t care less.

Watch below as Nancy stumbles through discussing what’s happening in California and the Gulf Coast. She says they (Republicans) have contempt for science and compares those events with the coronavirus as both examples of contempt of science.

Note the dramatic acting that only a middle school drama student could love…

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Remember that Nancy Pelosi was seen in Chinatown, urging her fellow Americans to visit despite the coronavirus.

She was also giddily showing off her ice cream during the pandemic.

Does anyone believe she cares about the ‘little people’?

Most comments on the video were about Pelosi’s eyebrows. Our favorite photo from the comments on Twitter:

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