On November 7, several hours after his confrontational press conference, with President Trump, CNN’s Jim Acosta tweeted a video of himself getting his “hard pass” taken away by the Secret Service. Acosta and CNN whined about his press pass being suspended for several days to no avail.

On Tuesday, CNN announced that it’s suing President Trump and his administration officials for their decision to suspend Jim Acosta’s White House press credentials after a tussle he had with a young, female White House intern.

The controversy behind the suspension of Acosta’s White Houe press pass stems from an alleged assault of a young, female, White House intern, by CNN’s White House correspondent, Jim Acosta, a 47-year-old male.

Americans were stunned by Acosta’s boorish and unprofessional behavior during the White House press conference on the day after the midterm elections.

When White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted an explanation of why the White House decided to suspend Acosta’s hard pass, it actually had nothing to do with his open attack on President Trump, but instead, was because he assaulted the female intern who was just trying to do her job. Sanders’ tweet included a slow-motion video of Acosta assaulting the young intern, as evidence.

CNN, along with others in the leftist mainstream media have attempted to demonize and delegitimize the video showing Acosta assaulting the young intern, by mocking the Trump administration for using what they’re calling a “doctored” video, claiming that Sarah Sanders borrowed it from conservative Twitter and YouTube sensation, Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars.

While they don’t have any evidence that the video Sanders used was created by Watson, the media is hoping to use the connection between the White House and Infowars, who Facebook, Twitter, Google and leftist groups tied to George Soros’ Media Matters to discredit the actual video showing Acosta assaulting the young intern.

Instead of allowing the media to define the fake news narrative, when President Trump was confronted about the video on the White House lawn, he shot back at the media, calling them “fake news” for attempting to misinform the public about what really happened, in their attempt to protect their media comrade, Jim Acosta.

Paul Joseph Watson, a top voice for conservatives on Twitter and YouTube, thanked President Trump for having the courage to stand up to the pack of wolves attempting to discredit his legitimate video. Watson told his millions of viewers, “It feels pretty good when the President of the United States has your back”.

Watch (**Language warning**):

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Here’s Paul Joseph Watson’s original video that the media is attempting to discredit. Watson released the video almost immediately after Acosta’s press conference to prove his assault on the young intern. The video quickly went viral. The slowed down the version of the tussle between CNN’s Jim Acosta and the young, female, White House intern, shows the disrespectful, lecturing activist, posing as a journalist, clearly used the side of his hand to “karate chop” the young, female intern on the inside of her upper arm.

In case you live on Mars and haven’t seen it yet, here’s the confrontation between President Trump and Jim Acosta in regular speed. You can also see Acosta karate chop the young intern’s arm in this video.


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