Before Trump, Democrats and their allies in the leftist media rarely had to worry about being called out for their hypocrisy. First of all, there wasn’t an opposing voice in the media and politicians in the Republican Party, most especially the President of the United States, certainly weren’t going to call them out. Before Donald J. Trump, Republicans were under the false impression that they needed the press in their corner. That was before Donald J. Trump shattered the old rules that protected the media class from scrutiny and allowed them to fully control the narrative.

Fortunately for every American, there’s a new sheriff in town, who is hell-bent on holding Democrats and the leftist media’s feet to the fire when it comes to their hypocrisy. President Trump posted this hilarious video to Twitter yesterday that has already received over 77K “likes”.

President Trump tweeted this message yesterday:

President Trump followed it up with this hilarious video only 5 hours later in this tweet: The Democrats should be ashamed. This is a disgrace!

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