Following his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, President Trump sat down with top-rated Fox News host, Sean Hannity to discuss his trip to Europe and his meeting with Putin.

Here are a few of the highlights:

On Israel:

He’s [Putin’s] a believer in Israel. He’s a fan of Bibi.

On Syria:

I think on Syria, we’re getting very close. I think it’s a humanitarian situation. I think a lot of people are going to be moving back from Turkey and from Jordan. They will be moving back. So, I don’t think we’re very far apart on Syria.

On Iran:

I do think that on Iran, he probably would have liked to keep the deal in place because that’s good for Russia, you know, they do business. It’s good for a lot of the countries that do business with Iran. But it’s not good for this country, and it’s not ultimately good for the world.

And if you look at what’s happening. Iran is falling apart. They have riots in all their cities. The inflation is rampant and is going through the roof. And not that you wanna hurt anybody, but that regime, we would let the people know that we’re behind them 100%. But they’re having big protests all over the country.

On radical Islamic terrorism:

We discussed ISIS, and as you know, we’ve pretty much irradicated ISIS from the Middle East.

On nuclear proliferation:

To me, the most important issue is the nuclear issue. I know President Obama said our global warming is our biggest problem, but I would say, ‘no’, it’s nuclear warming is our biggest problem by a factor of about 5 million. You know, if you look at Russian and the United States, that’s 90% of the nuclear weapons.


I told people, it’s unfair. The United States could be paying 91% of the cost of keeping Europe safe. On top of that, the European Union takes total advantage of us with tariffs with trade barriers. But they kill us on trade. We lost $151 billion last year. So they beat us on trade, and we defend them, for essentially nothing.  It’s not gonna be that way anymore. You’ve gotta pay up.

Watch the entire interview here:


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