President Trump spoke with the media briefly this morning prior to his trip to storm-ravaged Alabama. The entire video is at the bottom of this article. The best part is captured below in a short clip.

He discussed the jobs report and wages going up. Unemployment also went down to 3.8% in the report released this morning.

President Trump talked about the verdict on Paul Manafort and how the Russia collusion is a Russia collusion “hoax”.

Michael Cohen was also discussed briefly.

He moved on to discuss North Korea: “I would be very disappointed if I saw testing.”

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The best part of the president’s comments happened when he spoke about the Democrats:

Finally, President Trump expresses his concern about the vote by Democrats yesterday saying:

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 “I thought yesterday’s vote by the House was disgraceful because it’s become…the Democrats have become an anti-Israel party…they’ve become an anti-Jewish party and I thought that vote was a disgrace…”

President Trump ends his remarks by saying; “I’m going to Alabama.”



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