This is a MUST SEE!

President Trump is absolutely BELOVED by our armed forces…



Air Force.

Space Force.

National Guard.

Border Patrol.



He loves them all, and they love him right back!

And we are all so thankful for all they do — if only they could be allowed to actually DO their jobs and not be hindered by the Biden Regime!

That will all change soon enough.

I want to show you a bunch of videos so you can see our wonderful President, together with Gov. Abbott, and all the beaming faces happy to be there and shake his hand!

I love this!


Awesome to see:

Great speech too:

Look at all these big handshakes and smiles!

This is a great question:

Biden would probably fall asleep and dip his head into the gravy bowl!


WATCH: President Trump Speaks At US-Mexico Border – Expected To Get Important Endorsement

President Trump returns to the US-Mexico border in Texas today to promote his anti-immigration platform.

During the event, President Trump is expected to get a massive endorsement from Republican Governor Greg Abbott.

Watch a clip of President Trump speaking at the event:

Watch the RSBN livestream on Rumble here:

Fox News shares more on the endorsement:


Republican Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas will endorse former President Donald Trump for their party’s 2024 nomination when the two team up Sunday near the U.S.-Mexico border, GOP sources in Texas confirm to Fox News.

The former president will join the governor in Edinburg, Texas, for Abbott’s annual pre-Thanksgiving tradition of serving tamales to Texas Department of Public Safety troopers and Texas National Guardsmen deployed along the southern border under the governor’s Operation Lone Star program.

Trump endorsed Abbott in 2021, as the conservative governor was gearing up for re-election and faced multiple primary challenges from the right. Abbott overwhelmingly won renomination in March of last year before comfortably defeating Democratic challenger former Rep. Beto O’Rourke last November to secure a third term steering Texas.

Trump’s lead expanded over the spring and summer as he made history as the first former or current president in American history to be indicted for a crime. Trump’s four indictments — including in federal court in Washington D.C. and in Fulton County court in Georgia on charges he tried to overturn his 2020 presidential election loss — have only fueled his support among Republican voters.

Watch more clips here:

The Associated Press News shares more on the story:

Before making remarks in Edinburg, Texas, Trump served meals to Texas National Guard soldiers, troopers and others who will be stationed at the border over Thanksgiving. He was joined by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, a longtime ally and fellow border hawk who is expected to endorse the front-runner for the 2024 nomination during the visit, according to a person close to Trump who spoke on condition of anonymity before a formal announcement.

Trump and Abbott handed out tacos, and the former president shook hands and posed for pictures. They planned to speak to about 150 supporters outside an airport hangar in the town, which is roughly 30 miles from the border.

Trump has been laying out immigration proposals that would mark a dramatic escalation of the approach he used in office and that drew alarms from civil rights activists and numerous court challenges.

“On my first day back in the White House, I will terminate every open-borders policy of the Biden administration. I will stop the invasion on our southern border and begin the largest domestic deportation operation in American history,” he said in Iowa Saturday.

This country needs President Trump to survive.

Biden is destroying this nation by letting millions of immigrants flood into our country.

It is not sustainable and is extremely dangerous.


This is a Guest Post from our friends over at WLTReport.

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