President Trump and first lady Melania Trump traveled to Alabama to show support for the victims of the tornado that ripped through Lee County killing 23 people.

The media wasted no time in criticizing President Trump’s every move from the length of his pants to signing Bibles after being asked to by victims of the devastation.

What was he to do…tell them no? This is not the kind of man he is.

FYI-many presidents before Trump have been asked to sign Bibles and obliged.

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President Trump is the best when he’s with his fellow Americans. Watch the video below and the photos below showing how the people react to our president. It’s very special.

NY Post reports:

President Trump and first lady Melania Trump flew to tornado-wracked eastern Alabama on Friday to survey the damage from a deadly tornado that devastated a small town, killing nearly two dozen people.

The president toured rural Lee County, where 23 people died Sunday in a massive EF4 tornado that carved a path of destruction nearly a mile wide with 170-mph winds.

Air Force One landed at a military base along the Georgia border, where Trump boarded a chopper for an aerial tour of some of the damage.

He and Melania later arrived in Beauregard — which took a direct hit — to meet with survivors of the storm.

President Trump met with families who lost loved ones:

A solemn moment at the location of 23 crosses in memory of the victims of the tornado:


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