Tucker Carlson sat down for a wide-ranging interview with President Trump aboard Air Force One, where he discussed wiretapping, his tax returns and ObamaCare.

Regarding ObamaCare, Carlson asked whether Trump would deliver on his campaign promises of lower costs and better access for many in the country who need it, in light of conservatives’ criticisms of the new legislation in its current form.

Trump said that if he had a plurality in the Senate, he could engineer a wider-ranging overhaul of the American health care system, but reiterated a point Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) made, in that certain items cannot be passed with a simple majority.

“If I had the greatest bill in the history of the world, they [the Democrats] would not vote for it, because they hate Republicans, probably hate me, but they hate the Republicans so badly that they can’t see straight. So they’re always gonna vote against it, so it’s a shame.”

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