The Future Farmers of America (FFA) group at a school in Ohio were threatened with suspension if the flew Trump flags from their tractors. The students decided to exercise their rights.

FFA Students at Coldwater High School in Ohio were told they couldn’t fly their Trump Flags on their Tractors.

The school said YOU will be SUSPENDED, and all future FFA activities would be BANNED from the school.

They support @realdonaldtrump 100%.

So this happened. 🙂

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The freedom to drive to school with a flag on your car or tractor is a right of free speech that every American has no matter what.

The administration of the school should be called out on this ridiculous threat. Report after report of biased teachers and administrations continue to prove that our education system swings far left.

A survey out today even confirmed that only 3 Harvard faculty members out of 260 plan to vote for President Trump, it’s clear that a so-called” higher education also comes with a lefty professor.

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