Two guys were arguing about something and the guy wearing a blue hat tried to sucker punch the other. What happened next was hilarious! The guy who throws the sucker punch is blocked by the friend of the man he’s trying to punch.

The big guy on the left, in the video, reaches out one hand to block the punch and catches the guys fist in mid-air. This looked like it was straight out of a kung-fu movie!

I believe this occurred during a far left vs far right incident in which a group named Antifa was clashing with a group called the Proud Boys. Both groups are polar opposites of each other and whenever they’re in the same vicinity, there’s always violence.

As the Antifa guy goes to punch the Proud Boy, the Proud Boy’s friend blocks the punch mid-air and sends the guy away.

The guy who caught the punch does not escalate the violence, but instead, he had stopped it.

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The person who instigated the violence by throwing the first punch walked away with his head still attached to his shoulders and learned a hard lesson not to punch people just because you don’t agree with them.

Watch the video:

Whatever the men were arguing about doesn’t matter. It’s not right to swing a punch at someone just because of a disagreement.

It’s acceptable to defend yourself when attacked, but people should not punch each other just because they don’t agree.

The man who blocked the punch could have easily punched back and started a huge fight, but he acted responsibly, defended his friend, and basically brushed off the guy who threw the first punch.

Whenever the far right and far left clash and violence break out, there always seems to be someone who gets hurt.

It’s refreshing to see someone take a potential fist fight and turn it down a notch so that no fight happens at all.

Over the weekend there was another incident in which a New York GOP office was vandalized.

Photographs of the vandalism included spray painted “A”‘s which were the symbol of anarchy, but could also be considered the symbol of Antifa. It is unknown what the “A” specifically stood for in the context of the vandalism. Windows were also smashed.

A note was also left behind suggesting that this attack was just a beginning.

We’re at a time when violence between opposing extreme political groups might be at an all-time high (figure of speech, but it seems to be happening all the time). Either that or it’s just reported more often because everyone has phones with cameras, so more things are being recorded than in previous years when people did not have a smartphone.

Here are the photos of the vandalism that was done to a GOP office in New York.

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