A protester was caught on video burning an American flag. That’s when they realized it was a bad idea as a bystander rushed over towards the flag, grabbed it, ran away and extinguished the flames. The man who put out the flames taught protesters that he would rush into the middle of a hostile crowd, grab a burning flag, and be willing to run away with it while stopping the burn.

That man wasn’t allowing anyone to burn the flag that he is very proud of.

However, it’s a very good thing he was wearing gloves. Fire tends to be very hot, you know!

This reportedly took place in Portland, OR, during a clash between far left and far right protesters. The far-left group, known as Antifa, is the group who was burning the flag. At one point, a female voice is heard screaming “f-ck your flag” and that’s around the time that someone from the far-right rushed in to remove the burning flag. The far-right group is often referred to as “Proud Boys.”

Watch the video of the leftists burning the flag and the brave man willing to run into the crowd of hostiles and grab a burning flag to extinguish it.

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Fox News reported that in the “video posted online shows a protester at one point lighting an American flag on fire. Seconds later someone snatches the flag and puts the flames out.

Saturday’s violence unfolded amid a series of clashes between rival political factions that have gained national attention.

“This isn’t political, it’s just wrong,” a post on the event’s Facebook page reads. “It’s a lack of respect for not only the law but just other humans.”

In a video of the incident that went viral, marchers are seen blocking traffic and directing traffic when the motorist drives through a group of marchers and then speeds off. Some protesters catch up to him and begin pounding on the car before the driver leaves.

The driver later said he meant no harm, he just wanted to get away from the protest, Fox News reported.”

The video of the driver being scared and rushing to get away from the protesters can be seen here:


The protesters were attacking cars and hurling obscenities as drivers tried to get away from the crowd.

Violence often breaks out during leftist protests and gatherings. Many people aren’t sure why this always seems to happen, but most people would like the violence to stop.

Just because people have different opinions, that doesn’t mean people should be attacked in their cars.

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