Inside, on the DNC stage, Hillary is pandering to moms of dead thugs and family members who lost someone they loved because they either tried to take a weapon from an officer or attempted to use their own weapon against an officer. But outside the DNC walls, Black protesters are hammering Hillary.  Blacks have a message for Hillary, and it appears they’re telling her she’s wasting her time… that she’ll never get their votes.

In the end, all of Hillary’s pandering to Blacks and special interest hate groups may have been a colossal waste of Hillary’s time.

Black protesters at the DNC are making their voices heard, and the one thing that is clear, is that Crooked Hillary is NOT getting their vote. Funny thing is, their saying they’ll vote for Donald Trump. He didn’t have to make a spectacle of Black Lives Matter members, he simply had to promise that he’d make it a priority to find jobs for Americans…and to Make America Great Again…


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