Maine Senator Susan Collins was confronted by protesters as she exited her office. A woman immediately got in her face as she came out. Collins said she would vote yes on the cloture vote to pass Judge Kavanaugh through. Notice how the group went nuts with screams and yelling as Collins tried to leave on an elevator. The intimidation factor was huge. Watch how Collins stands at the back of the elevator just staring straight ahead. This must be frightening.

The crowd just got louder and louder…#WalkAway

On the other hand, Senator Orrin Hatch made us laugh yesterday when he handled the protesters in a totally different way. It’s priceless!

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BASED ORRIN HATCH! This will make your day! Senator Orrin Hatch isn’t playing with these protesters! He gives it right back at them until the end…Hatch waves off protesters screaming at him. Protester “Don’t you wave your hand at me. I wave my hand at you.” Hatch: “Why don’t you grow up?” Protesters triggered, melt-down, scream at the 84 year-old

Hatch, “Why don’t you grow up!!!”

The leftist protesters are out in force having a temper tantrum on the floor of the Hart Senate Office Building. They are organized and all have pre-printed signs with slogans on them in support of NOT confirming Judge Kavanaugh. Their assumption is that he sexually assaulted Christine Blasey Ford even though the FBI found nothing to prove that happened. These people are walking down a dangerous path where they find someone guilty with NO EVIDENCE to back it up.

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