GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley made a pit stop in South Carolina with the state’s primary only weeks away.

While the former South Carolina governor spoke at Coastal Carolina University, a gentleman in the front row interrupted to criticize her.

“No new wars!” the attendee shouted.

“I’m done with the military-industrial complex!” he added.

“None of us want new wars. None of us want new wars,” Haley responded.


“We know who your money comes from Nikki. We know. And we’re sick of the wars and we want America First,” he continued.

The man continued shouting at Haley and ripped a sign from the event.

Other attendees booed the man as he left the venue.

“You know, don’t be offended by that. Because my husband and every military member sacrifices every day for his right to do that,” Haley said.


Mediaite reports:

Nikki Haley, former governor and last remaining Republican primary challenger to Donald Trump, was heckled by an angry “America First” protester on Sunday at a South Carolina rally as she was discussing foreign policy.

Haley spoke at her rally about the threats from Iran and the escalating Middle East conflict, which on Sunday claimed the lives of three American servicemembers and injured dozens more in a drone strike in Jordan.

Haley was discussing President Joe Biden’s foreign policy, saying to the South Carolina crowd that he has enabled China and Iran to back terror groups like Hezbollah and Hamas and fueled attacks on Americans by Houthi forces.

“When have we ever let men and women sit there and take strikes like that, and do nothing to stop it? He’s done nothing!” she said of Biden. “He’s got to stop trying to get back into an Iran deal that doesn’t help us. And he’s got to start making sure that we show American strength.”

That’s when a man near the front of the crowd began shouting about the military-industrial complex and wars, and shouted “America First,” a Trump slogan.

After news broke of the drone attack on a U.S. military base in Jordan near the Syrian border, Haley said Biden “should retaliate with the full force of American strength.”

Senate Republicans And Nikki Haley Plead To Strike Iran Following Drone Attack On U.S. Military Base

“As a military spouse, my heart breaks for the families who lost loved ones. This shows the barbaric nature of our enemies in Iran. And it shows that they would not be attacking our troops if Joe Biden weren’t so weak in his treatment of Iran. We should retaliate with the full force of American strength. It’s the only way to prevent further war. If we do not, these attacks will only continue,” Haley said.

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