Besides Nancy Pelosi, there really isn’t a dumber person in Congress than Sheila Jackson-Lee(D-TX). Watch her blame leaked emails on Wikipedia, the online source for information. Uhhh…perhaps when you’re criticizing someone on TV, you should know who you’re criticizing:

Believe it or not, this is not one of the stupidest things she has ever said. Here are a few of Jackson-Lee’s greatest hits:

Here’s Jackson -Lee telling fellow members of Congress that our Constitution is 400 years old:

Sheila Jackson-Lee is not only one of the stupidest people in DC, she is also one of the most racist. Here she is blaming Congress for not wanting to raise the debt limit because their “racists”:

Here is black billionaire Herman Cain’s response to dingbat, racist Sheila Jackson-Lee’s ignorant comments:

Here’s Jackson-Lee telling congressional colleagues how much money Americans have to squander. Watch her call for martial law over the non-support of Obamacare by Americans:

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