New York’s radical Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul tells Republicans they are not real “New Yorkers” and to leave the state

The tolerant left is back at it again.

NY Gov Kathy Hochul yells at Republicans to leave the state

New York’s Democrat Governor, whom no one voted for, Kathy Hochul, is scared of Lee Zeldin, who is polling better than any other Republican gubernatorial candidate in New York in decades, and as a consequence, made the bizarre choice of alienating everyone outside of NYC.

“And we’re here to say that the era of Trump and Zeldin and Molinaro… just jump on a bus and head down to Florida where you belong, okay? Get out of town! Get out of Town! Because you don’t represent our values; you are not New Yorkers!”

Hochul’s unhinged rant is ironic, given that she is not even from New York City herself (whereas President Trump most certainly is.) However, what is worst for her about this statement is that most of the state is red or read-leaning outside of NYC. This means that she is effectively motivating Republicans, even more, to turn out and vote in the congressional races around the state.

True enough, NYC will likely stay blue, and that’s enough on its own to potentially reelect Hochul. However, she is sacrificing many congressional races with this virtue signaling statement.


Beyond that, is not being a real “New Yorker” something to cry about? New York City is riddled with crime, substance abuse, homelessness, and woke policies. Many Republicans in the state are likely happy not to be associated with such a miserable and radical-left city.

Still, Hochul’s new alienation strategy is a bizarre one. She is, quite literally, telling Republicans that they have no place in New York. Imagine if Texas or Florida’s Governor demanded that Democrats leave the state? The liberal media would be all over it, but with Hochul’s rant, no one seems phased.

We expect less from the “tolerant left” for a good reason–they’re intolerant of everything except child transgender surgeries and grooming.

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