On July 2, the CDC published an update for kids ages 2 and older, who have not been given a COVID vaccination:

  • If you are not fully vaccinated and aged 2 or older, you should wear a mask in indoor public places.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham interviewed Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) about the latest CDC guidance recommending kids 2 years of age and older continue to wear masks in indoor public spaces.

Ingraham began her interview with Senator Paul by mocking the pro-vaccine, mask shamers: “Science does not matter for these people,” she said. Ingraham asked for Rand Paul’s reaction to the CDC’s latest recommendation.

Senator Paul responded by blasting Dr. Fauci and the ridiculous recommendations by the CDC that he claims are not based on science:

It’s about submission. There’s never been any evidence of spreading events in the schools. The kids do very well with this.


The idea that we’re gonna put masks on the kids and then we’re going to punish the kids who, for their own medical decision-making, or their parents decide not to submit to this mandate.

To me, it’s the biggest basically, advertisement or encouragement to get your kids out of the public schools. Go to private schools if you can. Teach your kids at home. But don’t submit to the state. Don’t submit to the  government

Not only are you going to wear a mask, but they’re going to indoctrinate you with Critical Race Theory.

It’s a win-win if you’re able to leave the public schools if you’re able to.

There’s been more of an exodus in public schools this year than in any other year.

Your part of the collective. Your part of the hive. Your kids don’t belong to you. They belong to the state. These are all arguments for trying to flee the schools if you can.”

Ingraham cited new information from the chief scientist at the World Health Organization that warns people the COVID pandemic is far from over.

Dr. Rand Paul mocked WHO’s guidance, reminding everyone that “the new Delta variant of COVID is actually 10 times less deadly than the disease was a year ago.” Senator Paul called it “a crime” against the kids, as he explained, “More kids are dying from suicide than are dying from COVID!” Dr. Paul mocked the “science,” behind their decisions to keep kids in masks. He explained to Ingraham that kids are more likely to die from being struck by lightning than from COVID.

Senator Paul explained that the latest CDC guidance is “all based on Dr. Fauci ignoring the science,” and refuses to acknowledge the natural immunity, “We are at herd immunity,” Dr. Paul explained.


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