The video below is an example of what some teens are experiencing when they wear their MAGA hat. While the left claims to be for tolerance of all individuals, it’s clear that the tolerance is extended to everyone BUT Trump supporters.

The thug in the video below is Cash Bently. He described on Twitter as a “rapper”. It would be great to tell him just how petty and malicious he is. He has a long way to go to be a real man.

This is the difference in the two parties. Republicans endured 8 looong years of Obama and you did not see anything even coming close to this hate-filled attitude.

We should fight on behalf of our children for the right to express our beliefs no matter what. Religious and political beliefs are being trampled on by the left. We need to push back!

Horrifying video showing Instagram user @CashBently harassing teenagers for wearing MAGA hats

The true story of the group of teens from Covington Catholic who were threatened and bullied while in D.C. for the March for Life:

Translated from Spanish:

Little by little Catholic students begin to arrive, and the troublemakers begin to face them. That if they are animals, that if they have lice, that if they are fruit of the incest. Students are limited to looking without making a lot of case.

At one point, fans realize that there is a black student among Catholics and they start calling him “Negro” and telling him that when he grows up, his white companions will steal all his organs. All quite bizarre, but people take it to joke.

Over the past few years, we’ve reported on the abuse that has come from the left towards teens and young adults who are brave enough to wear a MAGA hat…WE SALUTE YOU!

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