Democrats, RINOs, and their allies in the media have been unjustly accusing President Trump of starting a riot at the Capitol building on January 6th. A simple look at the facts proves that Trump had not even ended his speech by the time protesters were outside of the Capitol building and were already involved in clashes with the police.

Life Site News – As investigations continue to clarify the events surrounding the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, official timelines increasingly contradict Democrats’ narrative that President Donald Trump “incited” attackers.

Democrats specifically highlighted his statement that “if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore.”

“Thus incited by President Trump,” they purported, “members of the crowd he had addressed, in an attempt to, among other objectives, interfere with the Joint Session’s solemn constitutional duty to certify the results of the 2020 Presidential election,” committed “seditious acts.”

In fact, in his speech at the Ellipse ahead of the Capitol riot, Trump told protestors “to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.” The broader context of his “fight like hell” comment was a call for “election security,” with no clear indication that the statement applied to Congress’s certification of the 2020 election.

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Based on Chief Sund’s timeline, the riot at the Capitol began more than thirty minutes before Trump finished his speech, and long before he made the only comment that Democrats pointed to in order to back up their baseless claim that the president “encouraged” insurrection.

Never mind the facts, though. Whether it’s through another embarrassing baseless, partisan impeachment, or their failed attempt at using the 25th Amendment to remove him from office only days before “President” Biden’s inauguration, the Democrats and never-Trumper’s in Congress have used the breach of the Capitol building as an excuse to prevent the incredibly popular Donald J. Trump from running for president again in 2024.

So, how do Democrats and their talking heads in Hollywood and in the media view rioting? When the rioting is aimed at harming President Trump and his supporters, they appear to view it as an effective tool to create change in America, so it’s curious that all of a sudden, they’re erecting walls around the White House and essentially calling for Trump supporters to be sent to re-education camps when their team (Antifa, Black Lives Matter and pussy hat-wearing celebrities) have been given a free pass to riot or to incite riots.

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Curiously, not too long ago, the anti-Trump Whoopi Golberg said a riot in DC would be “fun to watch.”

During an April 22, 2018 segment of “The View,” co-host’s Meghan McCain and Sonny Hostin discussed the potential fallout for President Trump if he were to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller during his investigation into the Russian hoax. McCain explained that her father’s close friend, Senator Lindsey Graham said, “It would be political suicide” for Trump to fire Mueller. McCain continued, saying that Mueller’s firing could also potentially cause riots in the streets of DC, to which Whoopi Goldberg responded, “That would be fun to watch!”


So was it “fun” for  Whoopi to watch the breach of the Capitol building on January 6, or did the MAGA hats put a damper on the former comedian’s take on rioting in DC?

Listen to Whoopi Goldberg take a much more serious tone about “riots” in DC one day after the January 6 siege of the Capitol building, as she now refers to the people involved in the riots as, “domestic terrorists.”

Front Page Mag– In 2018, the media was writing up glowing stories about the hundreds of Women’s March members who were engaging in “direct action” to disrupt the Senate’s Kavanaugh hearings.

Hundreds of members from the radical leftist group had invaded the hearings and were arrested. Their travel expenses and bail for the disruptions were covered by the Women’s March. Radicals from the March and other leftist groups blocked hallways, shouted down Senate members, and draped protest banners from balconies. Democrats cheered them on.

When a leftist mob assailed the Supreme Court, pounding on the doors, MSNBC called it an “extraordinary moment” and praised the crowd, “besieging the Supreme Court” and “confronting senators.”

“If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out, and you create a crowd. And you push back on them,” Rep. Maxine Waters had urged earlier that year.

Later, the Democrat House member told MSNBC, “They’re going to absolutely harass them”.

In 2020, Black Lives Matter rioters vandalized the Lincoln Memorial and the WW2 Memorial, along with statues of Gandhi, General Kosciuszko, and Andrew Jackson.

The racist thugs marched through the city, starting fires, including at a historic church, and tried to besiege the White House. Attempts by federal law enforcement to fight BLM terrorism were falsely denounced as a brutal attack on “peaceful protesters” and as “militarism” and “fascism.”

Democrat House members took to proposing bills to protect the racist mobs from law enforcement. Meanwhile, the BLM mob besieged the White House and battled Secret Service personnel, allegedly forcing the evacuation of President Trump and his family to a bunker.

This was the new normal enthusiastically supported by Democrats and the media.

A bail fund backed by Senator Kamala Harris and Biden campaign staffers focused on helping the rioters and looters get out of prison. Along with any other criminals along for the ride.

During an interview with Trump-hating Steven Colbert, Harris warned Americans that the rioters were “not gonna stop!” telling everyone to “beware.”

Violent protests, including those targeting public officials and legislative bodies, had been championed and normalized by Democrats and their media over the last four years. That included the harassment of officials, property destruction, and assaulting law enforcement.

Now, as the Democrats expect to take power, they suddenly decided that rioting is bad.

The double standard was obvious and blatant. The Democrats and media had cheered Black Lives Matter violent protests. They had colluded in previous invasions of Congress and the harassment of elected officials. But now, they wanted a violent riot they could condemn.

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