In his final five minutes of questioning witnesses in the Democrat impeachment show trials, Rep. Mike Conaway (R-TX) asked Russian expert Fiona Hill if she agreed that RT News, “Putin’s propaganda machine, here in the United States,” whose content is regularly shared in the U.S.? Conaway used negative reports about fracking by RT as an example. Hydraulic fracking is a process used prominently in Conaway’s home state of Texas, to extract natural gas from the earth by using pressurized liquid.

Hill, without hesitation, agreed that Conaway was correct in his assessment of RT, adding that Putin admitted in 2011 how much he saw American fracking as a great threat to Russian interests.

Rep. Conaway used the remainder of his time to question career diplomat David  Holmes about the private cell phone conversation he claims he overheard between US Ambassador to EU Gordon Sondland and President Trump. Mr. Conaway reminded Holmes that his recounting of the conversation to several people who were not present for the call was inappropriate. Mr. Holmes interrupted Rep. Conaway to explain why he shared what should have been a private conversation that he was privy to, to so many people. Rep. Conaway attempted to clarify. In the middle of his clarification, Chairman Adam Schiff interrupted Rep. Conaway, telling him his time was up. Mr. Holmes continued to speak after Chairman Schiff’s warning.

Conaway snapped back at Schiff. “Excuse me, Mr. Holmes, let me clarify the question..” Chairman Schiff snapped at Rep. Conaway, “He’s answering your question.” Rep. Conaway responded, “Yes, it’s my question—that’s exactly right, and I get to clarify my question, and I was hoping I would get a few more seconds to answer my question.” Conaway then appeared to be speaking under his breath, “His [Schiff’s] patience is growing thin. I was working hard not to irritate him again, but I failed again,” Mike Conaway said. Holmes continued, as he was given unlimited time by Chairman Schiff to answer his question.

When Mr. Holmes finished speaking, Chairman Schiff appeared to intentionally jab Rep. Conaway, who was obviously frustrated by Schiff’s constant interruptions throughout the impeachment circus, as he asked Mr. Holmes if he wanted even more time to talk?

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Rep. Conaway blasted Rep. Schiff again for his repeated interruptions during their questioning of witnesses and for not giving Republicans the same benefit as Democrat lawmakers in the question asking process. “Mr. Chairman, that is just patently unfair!” Schiff responded, “Mr. Conaway, to interrupt the witness as you have done repeatedly, is unfair.  Rep. Conaway added, “No, but you’re certainly willing to interrupt me. You’re the only person on this Dais who has unlimited time. You’re the only one who has abused that power, and you continue to do it.



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