Rep. Jim Jordan and the DOJ’s Rod Rosenstein had a HEATED EXCHANGE on hiding information and Peter Strzok (full video below):

“Your use of this to attack me personally is deeply wrong.” Deputy AG Rosenstein hits back at Rep. Jim Jordan in combative exchange that saw multiple other lawmakers intervening. Jordan was roundly criticized, mocked AND EVEN LAUGHED AT  by the left but then he got the last laugh as you’ll see at the bottom of this article.

Jordan: Why are you keeping information from Congress. Congress is about to say you haven’t complied with requests. In just a few minutes that’s going to happen. Rosenstein: I hope your colleagues are not under that impression.

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Congressional Republicans have been lambasting the DOJ recently for their hesitance in turning over classified records and documents pertaining to their use of secret surveillance in 2016. As such, when Jordan got his turn to ask questions to Rosenstein and FBI director Chris Wray, he cut right to the chase and asked:
“Why are you keeping information from Congress?”
Rosenstein denied that to be the case, which prompted Jordan to give a fiery declaration that “in a few minutes” the House will go “on record” and say the deputy AG has failed to comply their records request. As Rosenstein continued to refute the accuracy of Jordan’s statement, the congressman insisted Rosenstein has indeed been holding out.
“It is accurate!” Jordan said. “We have caught you hiding information!”
After the House Judiciary Committee briefly debated whether Jordan was out of order by steamrolling Rosenstein, the congressman resumed his questioning and asked the deputy AG why he redacted information pertaining to Peter Strzok. Rosenstein pushed back by saying Jordan was resorting to “personal attacks” against him, that he was not working to conceal information through redactions, and did not gag Strzok from answering questions during his own hearing yesterday.
Eventually, Jordan invoked media reports by asking Rosenstein if he ever “[threatened] staffers on the House Intelligence Committee” by subpoenaing their phone calls and emails. Rosenstein pointed out that “there is no way to subpoena phone calls,” which drew laughter from around the room. Twitter exploded with slams on Jordan but then Jordan got the last laugh:

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UPDATE: Shortly after this exchange, the House successfully passed a resolution demanding that the DOJ produce sensitive documents pertaining to Robert Mueller‘s probe and the FBI’s 2016 investigations.
the authors of the resolution — House Freedom Caucus leaders Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) — are unsatisfied with the pace of progress and have criticized the FBI for slow-walking their request.
“Enough is enough. Give us the documents we are entitled to have,” Jordan said on the House floor. “Let’s have the full weight of the House behind a resolution saying you got seven days to get your act together.”

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