RINO Rep. Kevin McCarthy has been publicly flogged by conservative members of the US Congress for three straight days in his attempt to become the next Speaker of the House. Only moments ago, he lost for the EIGHTH time!

Today, during the SEVENTH vote on the House floor, Kevin McCarthy lost again. McCarthy, who has been blamed for funding individuals running against Trump-endorsed America First candidates for Congress, and was caught on an audio tape trashing President Trump, would like the conservative Freedom Caucus to believe he’s on their team when it comes to pushing back against the radical agenda of the Dems.

Rep. Matt Gaetz has been leading the charge against preventing McCarthy from becoming the next Speaker. During an interview with Fox News, Matt Gaetz warned: “This ends one of two ways…Either Kevin bows out…Or he essentially has to…put on a straightjacket with a rules package that doesn’t allow a lot of discretion for the Speaker.” “The reason we’ve demanded that is that we DO NOT trust Kevin McCarthy.”

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Kevin McCarthy and his allies have reportedly been threatening members of Congress who refuse to support him.

Newly elected Rep. Anna Paulina Luna told Steve Bannon she was threatened by “another member,” who she wouldn’t name if she didn’t support Kevin McCarthy for speaker.

Today, Rep. Matt Gaetz stunned Congress when it was his turn to vote, and he stood up and voted for President Trump, who technically is able to assume the powerful role if elected.

Curiously, hardline conservative Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has aligned herself with Kevin McCarthy’s campaign for Speaker and has been pushing to convince her conservative friends in Congress to get behind McCarthy.

Watch the expression on her face when Matt Gaetz stands up to nominate “Donald John Trump” as the next US Speaker of the House.

The Gateway Pundit has spoken with an insider who claims Trump would accept the role should he win the nomination.

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