The Democrat Party had high expectations for Michael Cohen’s testimony before the House Oversight Committee today. The left was salivating at the opportunity to attack President Trump for several hours in a televised hearing, that promised to paint Trump in a negative light, while he’s overseas negotiating for denuclearization OF North Korea with their leader, Kim Jong-un.

Unfortunately, for the party of unhinged lawmakers, who’ve spent most of the week so far, defending their support of  “infanticide,” Cohen’s appearance before the House Oversight Committee, couldn’t have come at a worse time for the flailing party.

After a short break, Representative Mark Meadows (R-NC) came back ready to question the convicted liar, and former Trump lawyer, Michael Cohen. “A lot has been made about your lies in the past. I’m concerned about your lies today,” he told the disbarred lawyer.

Meadows held up a document, and addressed Cohen directly, “Under your testimony, just a few minutes ago, to me, you indicated that you had contracts with foreign entities. And yet, we have a ‘truth in testimony’ disclosure form, which requires you to list those foreign contracts for the last two years, and you put ‘N/A’ on there.” Meadows warned Cohen, “And it’s a criminal offense to not have that accurately. So when were you lying?— Either on the testimony to me earlier today or when you filled out the form?” Clinton lawyer, Lanny Davis leaned in and whispered to Cohen, as Rep. Meadows was revealing to the committee members that Cohen was just caught in another lie.

Liberal hack Democrat Chairman Elijah Cummings cut in, banged his gavel and warned Rep. Meadows that his time had expired.

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Rep. Cummings told Cohen”Mr. Cohen, you may answer the question and then whatever you want to say on that other…”

“That other…”?”

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Cohen looked down, bumbled and then said, “His question, uh…unfortunately, I don’t have an answer for his question.”

Rep. Meadows demanded that Rep. Cummings answer the question, “No, no, no, no! Mr. Chairman?” he pleaded.

Cohen can be seen getting ready to say something, “As it relates…” when suddenly, one of his lawyers jabs him from behind, indicating for him to keep his mouth shut.

Rep. Cummings became animated,  “The gentleman is out of order, uh, he said he does not have an answer.”

Meadows pleaded with the Chairman, “When we were in the majority…With all due respect Mr. Chairman.”

Rep. Cummings again, banged his gavel, telling Rep. Meadows, “Regular order. The gentleman has just said he doesn’t’ have an answer, and you’ve gone over your time.”

A woman can be heard reminding the chairman, “But, he’s under oath!”

A very frustrated Rep. Mark Meadows can be heard pleading, “He’s under oath, to tell the truth. One of them is not accurate!”

Rep. Jim Jordan can be heard pleading for an answer, “Just a question?”

Democrat Chairman Cummings banged his gavel and asked the next Democrat lawmaker to ask another question.

What do you think? Did Michael Cohen’s appearance before the House Oversight Committee help or hurt the Democrat Party’s witch hunt against President Trump? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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