Former U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky spoke with Harvard’s Institute of Politics and explained how she would convince those injured by vaccines to take more vaccines.

“I met with one Congress person who told me that she had actually gotten Guillain-Barré from a flu vaccine,” Walensky said.

“If I was trying to convince her to get vaccinated that would not be where I would go. I would talk about all of the benefits of the COVID vaccine and all the data and all the safety and I would have never touched her biggest concern,” she continued.

“So, it really is important to listen,” she added.


Clearly, Walensky has no regard for listening to individuals injured from vaccines.

You suffered an adverse event?

It’s okay, the benefits outweigh the risks.

Side effects are rare.

Are those the replies vaccine-injured individuals should expect?


Social media users reacted to Walensky’s comments:

Dr. Peter McCullough presented a reminder of the real dangers of the experimental COVID-19 shots.

@FrantzRantz on ‘Strictly Speaking’ asked me how early on did the FDA know COVID-19 vaccines would have damaging side effects? I referenced this slide from @US_FDA VRBPAC October 22, 2020. He said informed consent was NEVER provided! I agree,” McCullough said.


“It’s even worse Dr. McCullough. Steven Anderson, Head Biostatistics, FDA, gave the EUA presentation for Pfizer’s Covid ‘Vaccine,’ and he skipped one, and only one, slide: The Risk Slide. That’s right, the slide you are referring was skipped over and not shown. I went back, verified Mr. Anderson skipped the slide and took picture. The FDA knew and MISLED the public on October 22, 2020. The FDA added the Risks in the fine print, then removed them from presentation and didn’t discuss them. Think on that,” one X user commented.

Watch the full video from Rochelle Walensky:

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