Stories of both heroism and of horror have been appearing in various news sources through the day today, following the massacre that took place last night in Las Vegas during the Jason Dean concert. White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders Huckabee, who is tough as nails, and is also a woman of strong faith could barely hold back the tears, as she relayed some amazing stories of bravery and courage to the press during her briefing today.

Melton, a registered nurse at the Henry County Medical Center in Paris, Tennessee, was in the life-saving business, but his employer confirmed he lost his own life. He attended the concert with his wife, Heather Melton, an orthopedic surgeon, who made it out alive. “He saved my life,” Heather Melton told USA Today. “He grabbed me from behind and started running when I felt him get shot in the back.”

Huckabee Sanders seemed to be holding it together, while she told the story of 29-year old Sonny Melton of Tennessee, who was with his wife Heather, celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary, when the shots rang out, and he used his body to cover his wife. Sanders went on to talk about several other heroes including police officers, who were among those killed and injured.

It was when Sanders began to reference the gospel of John, that she started to (almost) lose it…

“The gospel of John reminds us that there is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for a friend. The memory of those who displayed the ultimate expression of love, in the midst of an unimaginable act of hate, will never fade.  Their examples will serve as an eternal reminder that the American spirit cannot and will not ever be broken. In the days ahead we will grieve as a nation, we will honor the memory of those lost as a nation, and we will come together united as one nation, under God and indivisible.”

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the real deal. She is a REAL role model for women, showing them by example what a tough, professional, yet kind-hearted and compassionate woman looks likes in the workplace…


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