Sarah Huckabee Sanders has taken control of the media and is no longer allowing them to push a false narrative when it comes to President Trump and a non-existant Russian connection.

Time and time again, Sanders has proven she’s no pushover when it comes to the rabid leftist media who would love nothing more than to be able to sabotage her during her press briefings. Yesterday was no exception. With a smile on her face, Sanders called out the media for ignoring the biggest story of the day.

“The one day there might have been a question on Russia, there wasn’t. Often, we have a lot of uh, media with ‘Russia first’, and uh, but today, there was public testimony that further discredited the phony dossier that’s been the source of so much of the fake news and conspiracy theories. And we learned that the firm that produced it was also being paid by the Russians. This is yet the latest piece of evidence that vindicates what the president has said that this is just a ‘witch hunt’ and a ‘hoax’. And its a shame that the president and the country have had to go through this charade.”

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