President Trump took it to ABC reporter John Karl today when Karl asked Trump:

“So why not sign the other bills though, so some of these workers can get paid…”

President Trump turns it around and asks Karl if he would do that if he was in Trump’s position.

Karl tries to throw the hot potato back at Trump but the president is too smart for that. He had Karl stuttering to try and answer the question.

The best part is the end when Trump says, “If you would do that, then you should never be in this position…Because you’d never get anything done.”

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Very unbiased, No opinion, Just Straight news reporter @jonkarl Thinks he can do a better job than @realDonaldTrump .

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The president has had it with the Democrats and their obstruction on funding the wall. He’s standing firm and will even travel to the border tomorrow.

He tried to meet with Dem leaders today but when Nancy Pelosi said she wouldn’t give funds for the wall, Trump literally said “bye, bye” and walked out.

You have to love his determination on behalf of the American people.


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