Senator Elizabeth Warren taught law at Harvard University and doesn’t know there are three branches of government. Wow!

She must not have watched ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ (see video below)or else she’d know that there are three branches of government.

Maybe Senators should have a civics test before they can be in office.

This is ridiculous.


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Watch the video below where during the interview with Anderson Cooper Senator Warren claims there are only two co-equal branches of government:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) doesn’t know how many branches of government exist:

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“There are two co-equal branches of government, the president of the United States and the Congress”

There are 3 equal branches of government: executive, legislative, judicial…

Remember that she’s a Harvard Law Professor! Yikes!

Warren’s recent gaffe where she tried to relate to the American people by swigging a beer was topped off by another gaffe during a speech in Iowa where her mic and lights went out:

Liz Warren is testing the waters for a 2020 presidential run.

She recently released a gaffe-filled video where she awkwardly chugged a beer attempting to be relatable to the average beer-swilling American.

We got more of the same today when Warren made an appearance in Council Bluffs, Iowa where she awkwardly played the candidate but looked like a character in a Saturday Night Live skit.

We’ll put it this way…she’s not a natural on the stump. The nervous and overly animated Warren just doesn’t have the right stuff. She’s all over the place with the shrill, out-of-breath voice of a schoolmarm.

She also preaches about the battle of the middle class but she’s a wealthy woman who wants to use YOUR hard-earned dollars to spread around. She comes off as the phony she really is.

Too bad the estimated 400 people who came to listen to her babble on and on aren’t aware of the hypocrisy.

Warren always preaches about income inequality but she’s a multi-millionaire who lives in a $6 million dollar house! She talks about the 1% but she’s a part of the 1%!

Watch how she reacts when things don’t go well during her appearance at around the 8:30 minute point.  It’s pretty priceless.

It’s funny, she says “the rich and powerful” are in charge right now but our economy has never been better with employment through the roof and wages climbing. She’s just like Obama in that she’s using class warfare to garner votes. Isn’t it the Democrats who keep saying the Republicans are dividing the people? We’d say it’s the opposite!

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