There are almost no words for the disturbing video footage circulating on social media that shows toddlers berating law enforcement officers on a sidewalk in St. Paul, Minnesota. According to Alpha News, the video was recorded last week when the Minneapolis police department showed up to serve a search warrant for a murder suspect. Toddlers greeted the black law enforcement officers, some still in diapers, who cursed,  punched, kicked, and threw rocks at them. Alpha News published only 30 seconds of the video, but unfortunately, it goes on for another two minutes.


The children’s chilling and disrespectful behavior toward law enforcement in this video is learned. The results of the breakdown of the nuclear family are on full display in this video.   A bystander in the background that does not appear to encourage the younger children to stop the disrespectful behavior can be heard encouraging the children by saying “Oreo head” about the black police officer at the scene.

Most children in the video are probably unable to read yet hurl profanities at the police officers. The behaviors resemble the rioters that Burned, Looted, and Rioted in Minneapolis two years ago.

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These days it is difficult to be shocked by much, but this is shocking. We will have a massive problem and need to deal with it. If we do not, things in America will only get worse.

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