This is in-your-face taunting of our president and it’s creepy. You have a radical Hamas-loving Muslim woman leading the prayer of a group of Muslims who take over the street in front of Trump Tower. Is this any way to endear yourself to people? How about making an actual effort at stopping the terrorism? That would be a great move!

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Sharia Law loving Linda Sarsour:

More Linda Sarsour and her lying self:

It’s not like this is the first time this has happened. It’s just interesting that the Muslims decided to do it in front of Trump Tower. Here’s our previous post on the Muslims taking over the street in NYC:It’s absolutely stunning this is being allowed to happen in America…

We’ve written about this before but the rules just don’t apply to the Muslims in NYC. The cabbies blocked the streets and double parked when it was time for daily prayer until they all finally got tickets.. Now the Muslims totally take over the streets in a show of intimidation. This is one of the things that really ticks Americans off. Why can’t we apply the rules equally? If you guessed political correctness, you would be correct. Mayor DeBlasio is king of every thing far left so I’m sure this is just fine with him.

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