More than 1,400 migrants disembarked in Italy on Friday, the first of more than 4,400 who are expected to come ashore during the day after being picked up by rescue boats this week in the southern Mediterranean. The problem is this is not a reuse but an invasion enabled by the smugglers and the European Union. Italy and Europe are toast!

Italy, along with France and Germany have agreed to draw up a ‘code of conduct’ for charities operating rescue boats in the Mediterranean with the aim of bringing under control the growing influx of migrants. In the past few days alone, up to 12 thousand people have arrived in Italy from Africa, while more than 85 thousand have landed in the country since the beginning of this year. Former Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Franco Frattini  discusses this issue of the increased risk of terrorism in italy:

The Italians are fed up with the invasion:

Locals of the Castell ‘Umberto commune in Messina protested against the arrival of a new group of migrants, Saturday, with the Messina’s mayor Vincenzo Civa Lionetto cutting off electricity supply to a former hotel, where the migrants were placed.


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The locals are telling it like it is:

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