The rhetoric from the leftist media, politicians and activists has gotten so nasty in recent weeks that it’s doing nothing but making people #WalkAway. The #WalkAway movement has really picked up steam defeating the purpose of the extreme rhetoric from the left. Do they have a clue? We doubt it!


Just this week, actor Kevin Hart yelled out a vulgar phrase to President Trump on the MTV Music Awards.  From the band Pearl Jam to Robert DeNiro, the hate for our president is palpable. Once again, Hollywood doesn’t get it! Most Americans are turned off by this disrespect for our president. #WalkAway


Just a few days ago, a Democrat  made a joke about President Trump drowning in the Potomac River. He said  it would be a “catastrophe” to save Trump! And then there’s Maxine Waters encouraging harassment of Trump administration officials.


Increasingly aggressive activists are stalking conservatives and Republicans during their private time. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and other cabinet members have been harassed in public. Where does this end?

We can tell you…Now you have leftists openly saying they want to hurt or kill the president! The Daily Caller’s Benny Johnson asked activists what they would do if they met President Trump. The answers were shocking! Most of the respondents said they’d harm or kill him in some way.

It’s no wonder that the Democrats have been increasingly aggressive and unhinged. This is all fueled by the fake news media and the politicians pushing the limits of civility.

We say #WalkAway from the hate and violence!




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