Google CEO Sundar Pichai just exposed the lie the American people have been told for over two years. Yesterday, he revealed the “full extent” of the “so-called” Russian meddling in 2016. Facebook had previously reported a small dollar amount on Russian advertising during the 2016 election but now Google joins them in revealing that the numbers are miniscule :

The truth is the Democrats have NOTHING on Russian meddling and it was just exposed to the world thanks to Democrat Jerry Nadler. Nadler just so happens to be a Democrat from New York and ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee.

He asked the search engine’s chief executive during Tuesday’s hearing about Google and the extent of the Russian exploitation of the platform:

“Does Google now know the full extent to which its online platforms were exploited by Russian actors in the election two years ago?” 

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The response was shocking:

“We have…we undertook a very thorough investigation, and, in 2016, we now know that there were two main ad accounts linked to Russia which advertised on Google for about $4,700 in advertising,” 

A shocked Nadler responded:

“A total of $4,700?”

The Google executive replied:

“That’s right

Whenever Russiagate peddlers are confronted w/ the actual facts, it doesn’t go so well. Here’s @RepJerryNadler asking Google CEO Sundar Pichai about “the full extent” of Russian meddling activity on its platforms in 2016. The answer: Russian-linked accounts spent $4,700 on ads.

Wow! That’s it? And the American people have been lied to about this for over 2 years.

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