ONE MILLION PEOPLE FROM AROUND THE WORLD are expected to come to our southern border in FY2019 because they know they can claim asylum and get into the U.S.

We’ve become a global magnet for anyone and everyone who wants to benefit from all of the freebies they will receive once they’re in America. We’re known for our generous freebies.

With our detention centers bursting at the seams, over eighty-four thousand illegals have been released into America since December. 

Just look at the line of illegals being processed on March 12th!

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“We have apprehended and encountered more families in just five months & 5 days than last year’s record total.” – CBP Commissioner

Last week alone, illegals from 8 different countries came illegally to the U.S.: Note that China and India are on the list.

Last week arrested people from 8 different countries for being illegally present in the U.S. -Guatemala -Honduras -El Salvador -Mexico -India -Nicaragua -China -Ecuador


If this isn’t a national emergency, what is?

Does anyone believe this fence will keep anyone out?

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