Watch below as Deputy White House Counsel Mike Purpura delivers a slam dunk in his opening arguments in the impeachment trial of President Trump.

Republican leader Mark Meadows tweeted out the video of the WH counsel nailing the six facts below, getting the Republican response off to a great start!

SIX FACTS that sink Dems’ case:

•The transcript shows no conditionality
•Zelensky: no quid pro quo/pressure
•Ukraine didn’t know of aid pause
•No Dem witness testified that POTUS said any conditionality
•Ukraine got aid, did nothing for it
•Trump strengthened Ukraine support

The Republican argument is strong but the counsel is using fantastic visual aides to drill home the truth to the Senators. This was a great way to begin the defense by providing the six key facts in the case.

Note the calm temperament of  Deputy White House Counsel Mike Purpura in the video below. This is not the same temperament seen last week with Democrats Schiff and Nadler. House manager Adam Schiff ticked off moderate Republican Senators in his closing argument last night by claiming that President Trump threatened them. Republican Senators Collins and Murkowski immediately denied Schiff’s claim.

President Trump’s defense team will continue their defense on Monday.

Mark Bednar tweeted out the six facts below:

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-The call transcript shows NO LINK between investigations and security assistance or a presidential meeting.

-Ukrainians REPEATEDLY have said there was NO QUID PRO QUO, and they felt NO PRESSURE.

-Ukraine DID NOT KNOW security assistance was paused until more than a month after the call.

-NONE of the Democrats’ witnesses say President Trump linked investigations to security assistance or a meeting.

-Ukraine announced no investigations and STILL RECEIVED security assistance and a presidential meeting.

-President Trump STRENGTHENED U.S. support for Ukraine.

The Deep State will regret this entire charade.

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