On Monday, President Trump held a massive rally in Scranton, PA  – Sleepy Joe Biden’s hometown – and data from the rally proves there will be a surge of voters for Trump on Election Day.

Thousands lined up hours early in thirty-degree weather to see the President speak on Monday in Scranton, PA.

Data from the rally, as reported by GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, that 80.1% of attendees had yet to vote, 12,894 signed up, 21.2% were NOT republican, and 24.9% did NOT vote for President Trump in 2016.

“80.1% (!!) have not voted yet

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12,894 signups

21.2% NOT Republican

24.9% did not vote in 2016″

Joe Biden held a “rally” in Scranton on Tuesday morning…it was just as awkward and empty as his entire campaign.

He started the morning at a canvass kickoff in which he introduced his granddaughters and said they wanted to come “because they’d never been to Scranton.” Hmmm…

It didn’t get any better for Sleepy Joe as his mask slipped under his nose…AGAIN. Biden and the far-left Democrats have relied on the fake news media and manipulative tech giants to do his campaigning for him this year.

WATCH the pitiful crowd of Biden supporters:

Sleepy Joe even left a cheesy, handwritten message in his old living room, “From this House to the White House with the grace of God, Joe Biden”. Biden did the same during his 2008 race.

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