A smuggler was caught dropping two very young children over a fence to distract border agents so others could cross illegally.

This is a tactic often used by illegals.

They distract the agents at one point so that other illegals can cross the border with no problem. Who knows how many illegals have come through our open border like this. It’s why we so desperately need to close all border entries to make it hard for people just to come through. The aging border fences are also easily toppled so cars can drive right through (see below)

Last night, a human smuggler dropped two young Salvadoran girls, 6 and 9, from the aging border barrier behind concertina wire. As agents vacated their patrol positions in response, ten people crossed illegally nearby. They eluded capture.

The aging fence also allows trucks to just come right across the border barrier:

Here’s another video from earlier in March. Watch the people just pour through the border barrier:


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