Clemson University QB Trevor Lawrence was caught by TMZ leaving the White House. He had great things to say about his visit and the fast food that was served because of the shutdown.

Lawrence is a Freshman QB from Cartersville, Georgia with amazing talent and good manners ta boot.

He seemed happy with the visit and even said he hopes to return to the White House a couple more times.

President Trump opened his remarks at the White House (video below) with a shout out to Lawrence. He called the QB “handsome” and said he wishes he could be his agent.

It’s too bad for the Dems who tried to play down the success of the meeting with the president. They seemed to love every minute of it!

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The president’s remarks about Trevor Lawrence are at the beginning of the video:

He speaks about Trevor at the very beginning and at the 6:40 mark.

“Look at that quarterback. I want to be the agent of that quarterback”

President Trump said he had a choice of salads or fast food…

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