Heather Nauert, spokeswoman for the State Department got into a rather epic exchange with CNN reporter who was trying to be snarky and who likely regretted her decision after getting a lecture on the First Amendment.

CNN and the Trump administration have been going at each other ever since the president got sworn into office, so these kind of exchanges are becoming more and more common.

The Daily Wire has more details:

“You had a whole lot to say about press freedom, basically speaking to the world on that,” CNN’s Michelle Kosinski said on World Press Freedom Day. “So when the President of the United States and those around him repeatedly say the words ‘fake news,’ isn’t that disinformation?”

“We’ve discussed this as well,” Nauert responded. “You and I have had many exchanges on this, and that’s part of the beauty of a free press and the beauty of a First Amendment when people can say what they want. You don’t have to agree with it, others don’t have to agree with it, but that is certainly within [Trump’s] own right to do.”

Nauert had to remind Kosinski that in other countries around the world, journalists are jailed and harassed for their work in the media.

“So because that’s not happening here, the White House lying and saying ‘fake news’ is a better deal?” Kosinski asked.

There’s something incredibly satisfying about seeing left-wing bullies in the media get put back in their place, and Nauert does just that.

Journalists here, under the protection of the First Amendment, have a good thing going. They don’t have to worry about the government arresting them for rude questions, such as the one asked by this CNN lackey.

That’s what’s beautiful about freedom. Ideas can be freely expressed and innovation can take center stage.

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