Yesterday, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump traveled to Alabama to assess the damage from multiple tornadoes that ravaged the state of Alabama and Georgia last week. The President and First Lady also offered their support for the victims of the tornadoes.

The president toured rural Lee County, where 23 people died Sunday in a massive EF4 tornado that carved a path of destruction nearly a mile wide with 170-mph winds.

Air Force One landed at a military base along the Georgia border, where Trump boarded a chopper for an aerial tour of some of the damage.

A touching video was posted by local WVTM 13 of President Trump embracing two of the victims. As President Trump hugged the man on his left, an adorable woman in a pink t-shirt can be heard saying, “I’m next.” President Trump was quick to oblige her, as he wrapped his arms around both of the victims and gave them a huge bear hug.

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President Trump also visited the volunteers at Beauregard, AL, where he made one young volunteer’s day with a kiss, a signed hat by both President Trump and First Lady Melania, and the pen he signed it with to boot.

As is expected, the left widely criticized Trump’s trip to AL. For a good part of the day, #FakeMelania was trending on Twitter, as leftists were saying Melania was not really with Trump in AL, and that he was using a Melania body double. He was also mocked by the left for signing Bibles that supporters asked him to sign, even though multiple presidents before Trump have done the same thing, as pointed out by conservative Michelle Malkin.

What’s truly incredible is how few news outlets reported about the close call Trump’s motorcade had with an out of control SUV that was careening toward them at a fairly high rate of speed on a divided highway in Alabama.

According to The Gateway Pundit – A black SUV lost control while driving on the freeway and crashed into a center divider just as President Trump’s motorcade passed by in Opelika, Alabama on Friday.

According to local reports, the driver of the SUV was not injured.

The driver of the SUV was supposedly swerving out of the way of a car that stopped or slowed down to watch President Trump’s motorcade.

“Oh, my g*d! Right at the President! Are you kidding me? Did you all see that? There was the President of the United States, right there in that car!”


Here are some photos of the damage to the vehicle:

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